Hi, I'm Claire.

Nice to meet you.

 I am a proud Oregonian living in Southwest Florida. I have struggled with finding the right fit for my body my entire life up until this point. From being diagnosed with PCOS, to finally understanding why my stomach always hurt (doctor described as "mild gluten allergy" and insulin resistance) and my constant craving for sugar, I was looking for a solution. I tried several different "diets" and even though I had temporary success with losing weight, my body still did not feel good. Fast forward to June 2015, my mom (forever my cheerleader and trying to help me find success) introduced me to Diane Sanfillipo's 21 Day Sugar Detox. I tried her recipes for one week, and my body felt completely different. After further research, I thought the paleo lifestyle might be a good fit for me. I have fallen in love with meal planning, real food, creative cooking, and sharing recipes and inspiration with other foodies. I started an Instagram page, titled it "Paleo Kitchen Babe" and haven't looked back since. My goal is to expand my knowledge, continue to feel good in my body, become stronger and more fit, and hopefully inspire others as well.

--Paleo Kitchen Babe